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Lexi & Friends

Hello, we must be poeming,

If on this page we meet.

Welcome to our website!

(No need to wipe your feet.)

All poems penned by Lexi and her friends.

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Hey, It's Our Poems!

We've selected a few especially for you. Happy reading!


the fun-loving pony


eccentric koala extraordinaire


the inquisitive pup


the crafty cat

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Yay, It's Our Books!

Lexi & Friends: Hello, I Must Be Poeming
50 poems about reading, writing and everyday joys and oddities

Lexi & Friends: Songs & Poetrees
50 poems featuring fresh quirks, plus our favorite trees

Lexi & Friends: Just Fooding Around

50 poems celebrating food and other tasty topics

For kids 6-10, plus the kid in everyone else!

Help us break into print!


Spread the Joy!

Spread the word and spread the joy! Lexi & Friends is looking for an agent, editor and publisher!

Please share our site with your friends and anyone who might like to help us on our publishing quest.

We'd be so grateful for your support!


Say Howdy!

Let's Connect!


Come see what all the fun is about! For questions about our books or to say hey, hi or howdy, send us a message.

You can also join our mailing list for (very) occasional updates on our whereabouts and whenabouts. 

And of course, we'd be delighted to send you a small sampler of our poems.

We'll never share your email.

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Susan Manning


Hi, and thanks for visiting. I began writing poems in the fourth grade. (Thank you, Mrs. Konnors!) So when Lexi came galloping into my life a few years back, I knew enough to copy down her musings. Then one by one, the rest of the gang showed up. Turns out they all have a lot to say—and they surprise me all the time. Being their personal assistant is my favorite job in the world, and every day they bring lots of fun and joy to me.

I hope they bring lots of fun and joy to you!

P.S. Thank you, Deborah Zemke, for your marvelous illustrations.

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